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APK MOD latest Version Free Download 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 Android  Game with APK, 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 is Word Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of  apk Mod file, Download links of this 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses. is following the google Play Sotre Rules.

打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 APK MOD Word Game Information.

APK  MOD Name 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金


PlayStore ID com.xfungames.cymud
Version Apk Mod Requirements


打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 2.5 1

打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 APK MOD Description: 這是一款文字類魔幻冒險遊戲,我們刪除了花哨的畫面和動畫,還有飽受年輕人詬病的復古特效,只保留文字敘述和經典玩法,殺雞燒豬,裝備全爆,不一樣的體驗。用文字還原熱血,帶給你一個純粹自由的冒險世界。玩玩看,說不定你會愛上它。






This is a text-based magical adventure game. We have deleted fancy graphics and animations, as well as retro special effects that have been criticized by young people. Only text narratives and classic gameplay are retained. Experience. Use words to restore the blood, and bring you a purely free adventure world. Have fun, maybe you will fall in love with it.

[Text Mystery Town Mountains and Rivers]
Innovative text MUD placement game, abandon the gorgeous graphics of traditional games, and convey the real and exciting adventure through text.

[Peak equipment sets the universe]
Challenge the BOSS to get random equipment. As the level and the difficulty of the map increase, the precious treasures will be unlocked level by level, and the fun of playing treasures will increase day by day!

[Unlimited free trading]
The consignment bank highly restores the real trading experience. It can sell extra equipment and purchase urgently needed treasures. Why not exchange treasures for ingots!

[Practice the secret techniques of the exercises as you wish]
There are three professions: Warrior, Taoist, and Mage in the game. In addition to equipment, each profession also has unique secret skills, learn skills, and constantly strengthen your own strength!

[Hundreds of battles never end]
Master showdown, make friends with martial arts! Players can sign up to participate in the duel, and can also bet on the participating warriors. If the game meets the opponent, who can have the last laugh.

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What’s New:

    •  Apk mod Bug Fixed
    • 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 Apk Mod New Version Updated
    • 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金 Download Fast
    • unlimited Unknow item
    • unlimited Gems
    • unlimited Cash
    • unlimited gold/stones
    • 打寶世界-放置掛機輕鬆打王噴金  APK MOD and Unlimited Money, coins files included.

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